Hello friends! Today we're talking with Mike Edison on his new book, Sympathy For The Drummer: Why Charlie Watts Matters. Mike and I share a deep and abiding love for Mr. Watts, the drummer of the Rolling Stones. There are few like him in the rock and roll world, and as Mike and I agree, the world is a MUCH better place with him in it. As Keith Richards says, without Charlie Watts, there's no Rolling Stones. A point on which Mike and I heartily agree!

I love Charlie Watts, and I love this book. And I loved talking with Mike about our favorite drummer. As Mike notes, the Stones were smart enough to hire a jazz cat as their drummer - and the rest is history. I know you'll love hearing from Mike about why Charlie Watts matters!

Here's a link to the book on Amazon, and here's a link to Mike's website which has oodles of good stuff worth checking out. And for you play along at home types, here's a playlist I put together featuring some of Charlie's best songs. All the songs that Mike and I discuss - and many others - are on the playlist!

BONUS: Mike and I discuss the Stones' 2016 masterpiece, Blue and Lonesome, featuring covers of classic blues songs. Here's a playlist with all of those songs, as well as the original recordings. Enjoy every minute!

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See you soon, and thank you, Mike!



Hello friends, and welcome to a special thanksgiving-day episode! Little surprise here for ya - decided to talk about something interesting and important to me - the birth of rock and roll drumming!

Have some fun listening to how the backbeat - the basis of rock and roll drumming - came about. Lots of great music here...and get to know Earl Palmer (pictured), DJ Fontana, Clifton James, and many other greats who developed the feel and sound of early rock drumming. I had a lot of fun putting this episode together, and I hope you have a lot of fun listening!

And here's a playlist of full versions of all the songs played in the episode, plus a few others. Enjoy!

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Christopher McKittrick on THE STONES IN NEW YORK!


Hello friends! Had a great conversation with Christopher McKittrick on his new book about the Rolling Stones and their career-long relationship with New York City! I thoroughly enjoyed the book and could have chatted with Christopher for hours - like me, he's a dyed-in-the-wool Rolling Stones fan. He also resides in and loves New York City, and had lots to say about the relationship between the city and the Stones. A fun talk and a GREAT read!

Christopher is a prolific writer - a good place to start is on Amazon, where you can check out his Author Central Site. His website is worth a look too - a great place to learn more about our guest. 

And hey, if you aren't familiar with the Rolling Stones and just gotta learn more...well, do a google search and if you're lucky, something might come up!

Thank you Christopher, and I hope everyone enjoys our conversation!




Hello and Welcome! My guests today are Lisset Diaz and Miguel Comas, two members of the terrific young band, the Sweet Lizzie Project. These guys have a story to tell!

Some time ago, PBS went to Cuba to learn more about the music scene there. That led to the migration of Lisset, Miguel, and the rest of the Sweet Lizzie Project band to the United States. Here's the amazing story of how it happened!

I saw the band at a small house party about two months ago and I was instantly hooked. The band resides in Nashville, and their music uniquely reflects influences from both residences. Yet it is unequivocally and uniquely their own and I can't recommend it enough. Diaz is a powerhouse of a singer; Miguel Comas produces their music, and adds his signature lead guitar to the mix; and together they lead this young band that you need to learn more about. 

And here's your opportunity!

The songs you'll hear are Something, from the debut album Heaven, and their recently released duet with Raul Malo and the Mavericks, entitled Flower's In The Seed. Diaz is a truly unique stylist as these songs attest; but make sure you check out the entirety of the Heaven album. It's been in my heavy rotation for some time now, and for good reason! And a new album, entitled Technicolor, is coming soon!

You can find all of it on their comprehensive website. They also have a Facebook page and they're on Instagram. And check out the first rate videos for both Flower's In the Seed and Turn Up The Radio - a true classic, as we discuss on the show. Both - and many others - can be found here.

Thank you Lisset and Miguel for joining me. And to all of you who like the show, please share it, rate it, and all those good things. In the meantime, enjoy getting to know the Sweet Lizzie Project!



Hello everyone, 

I had so much fun putting this episode together!  I chatted with Stacy Godfrey, a long-time fellow fan of the band Genesis, and a co-host of the terrific podcast, Tabletop Genesis. Listening to her podcast, it became obvious to me that she would be fun to chat with. Why? Well, we both came to Genesis in very different eras of the band's history (me in the progressive 1970s, Stacy in the more pop-focused 1980s). Yet both of us spent time discovering, and learning to appreciate, all of the band's music and I knew that would be fun to talk about. It  was!

And...we make some recommendations! I recommend some great Genesis songs from the 1980s that old stalwarts like me might appreciate. Stacy, in turn, highlights some of her favorites from the 1970s for those mostly familiar with the more pop-focused version of the band in the 1980s. And as a special Awesome So Important! Bonus, here's a link to a spotify playlist with almost all the songs we discussed:

Stacy and Monte's So Important Genesis Playlist!

And here's a link to the Tabletop Genesis Website as well as the Facebook Page - highly recommend you check it out!


Thank you again, Stacy!



Thank you Stacy, and I hope everyone enjoys our conversation about one of the all time greatest bands in the history of music!



I had the great pleasure of speaking with Monte A. Melnick, the former tour manager of the legendary rock band, The Ramones. For over 20 years the Ramones toured the world playing to adoring and loyal audiences; but it is only now, over 20 years after their retirement, that their contributions to music are fully appreciated.

Monte was there throughout the duration of their career and brings a unique perspective to what made this band tick  through think and thin, good times and bad. It was an honor to talk with Monte about the legacy of this legendary band. 

Monte has written a classic book about the band and his time with them, and I highly recommend it. The book, On The Road with The Ramones, is a great read and can be found here: 


For those who would enjoy seeing a little bit of the Ramones in action and at their best, here's a little clip. 14 songs in 26 minutes! It doesn't get better than that!


And finally, here's a great way to get familiar with their songs - a classic collection of hits. If like me, you prefer to hear actual albums, you can't go wrong with their first or third. But this collection will get you started: 


Thanks again to Monte, and I hope everyone enjoys this episode of So Important!


Barrence Whitfield on HIS MUSIC!


So, this one is special to me.  I first saw Barrence Whitfield and the Savages perform in the 1980s and I have loved Barrence and his music ever since. Led by Barrence and long-time guitarist Peter Greenberg, the Savages put on a full-assault rock and roll attack every time. Describing their sound is never easy. The Savages build their sound on a garage band foundation, adding old-time rock and roll, hard rocking rhythm and blues, soul, and whatever else works to create the classic Savages sound. And at the heart of it all is the Savages full-throated, no-holds-barred lead singer, Barrence Whitfield.

There's nothing like the Savages sound, and we discuss their sound extensively in our discussion.

It was a great privledge to have the chance to talk with Barrence - a consummate musician and performer whom I have admired for so long a time. 

You can learn more about Barrence at his website: 


Or visit his facebook page:


And of course, the music of the Savages is widely available on Amazon and elsewhere, including from Bloodshot Records at:


The songs you'll hear on this podcast are Pain and I'll be Home Someday, from the Savages' most recent release, Soul Flowers of Titan, as well as Mama Get The Hammer and Bloody Mary, two Savages classics. Because a great part of appreciating Barrence is the live experience, I went with the version off of the great Live Emulsified album - check it out at:


I hope you enjoy my conversation with the great Barrence Whitfield!





Jeannie Brand on OSCAR BRAND’S LEGACY!


Hello everyone! 

I so enjoyed talking with Jeannie Brand, the daughter of the legendary folk singer Oscar Brand, on the great legacy of her beloved father.  Oscar Brand was not only a prolific song writer and performer in his own right; he also played a critical role in helping to launch the careers of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, and countless other great performers. Here's Oscar's story - from one who knows it best!

As part of her ongoing efforts, Jeannie has written a wonderful memoir, The Folk-Singer's Daughter, about growing up the daughter of a famous celebrity. I loved it and urge you to give it a read. It's at Amazon at:


Oscar Brand's YouTube site is highly recommended - full of great videos from all facets of his career. It's at: 


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Our guest is Mr. Jim Wilson, a Los Angeles-based musician who has played with any number of artists, ranging from Emmylou Harris to Anthrax, with Henry Rollins and many others in between. Jim is also a gifted solo artist and he just put out a new album entitled Now Playing that frankly, I can't stop listening to, and I urge you to give it a spin! We talk about the making of the album and the great guests who appear on it, and we also features many great cuts from the album!

As if that wasn't enough...Jim also talks about his hobby - collecting records! He has a massive collection of LPs (you'll have to listen to find out how many), and Jim talks about his passion for this pursuite and why it is so important to him. Lots of fun! 

Jim's album is widely available at all the usual places, including his great website, which is here: 


and of course, there's his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jimwilsonwithphiljones/

Check it out!

Hope you enjoy this episode and don't be shy about sharing it, giving the show a little review and rating on I-Tunes, all that good stuff. As we say to our new listeners who are tuning it to hear Jim, Listen to the episode, stay for the show! Follow the show on your favorite carrier and listen as we talk to all kinds of people about something important to them!



Hello friends, our guest today is Mr. Gary Graff, noted popular music journalist and critic. Gary has published extensively on popular music, and his highly acclaimed book on Bruce Springsteen is considered a seminal work. Gary is talking with me today about how the music industry has evolved, some of his concerns in that regard, and what can be done to get things back on track. This is a great opportunity to hear from a keen observer of the music scene, and his words are...so important! Thank you Gary for being on the program!

Cantor Lindsay Kanter on her CANTORIAL JOURNEY


Lindsay Kanter is the Cantor at Temple Emanuel, a reform congretation in Kensington, Maryland. She was kind enough to speak about her Cantorial Journey, her passion for all manner of traditional Jewish music, and what she seeks to achieve when constructing a service. Best of all, Cantor Lindsay shared her beautiful music with us, and it is featured on this episode. I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to like the podcast and follow it, which can now be found in I-Tunes. And please do share. Thanks!