So Important: The Interview Podcast!


January 21, 2019

Hello everyone, 

I had so much fun putting this episode together!  I chatted with Stacy Godfrey, a long-time fellow fan of the band Genesis, and a co-host of the terrific podcast, Tabletop Genesis. Listening to her podcast, it became obvious to me that she would be fun to chat with. Why? Well, we both came to Genesis in very different eras of the band's history (me in the progressive 1970s, Stacy in the more pop-focused 1980s). Yet both of us spent time discovering, and learning to appreciate, all of the band's music and I knew that would be fun to talk about. It  was!

And...we make some recommendations! I recommend some great Genesis songs from the 1980s that old stalwarts like me might appreciate. Stacy, in turn, highlights some of her favorites from the 1970s for those mostly familiar with the more pop-focused version of the band in the 1980s. And as a special Awesome So Important! Bonus, here's a link to a spotify playlist with almost all the songs we discussed:

Stacy and Monte's So Important Genesis Playlist!

And here's a link to the Tabletop Genesis Website as well as the Facebook Page - highly recommend you check it out!


Thank you again, Stacy!



Thank you Stacy, and I hope everyone enjoys our conversation about one of the all time greatest bands in the history of music!

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