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December 1, 2018

I had the great pleasure of speaking with Monte A. Melnick, the former tour manager of the legendary rock band, The Ramones. For over 20 years the Ramones toured the world playing to adoring and loyal audiences; but it is only now, over 20 years after their retirement, that their contributions to music are fully appreciated.

Monte was there throughout the duration of their career and brings a unique perspective to what made this band tick  through think and thin, good times and bad. It was an honor to talk with Monte about the legacy of this legendary band. 

Monte has written a classic book about the band and his time with them, and I highly recommend it. The book, On The Road with The Ramones, is a great read and can be found here:

For those who would enjoy seeing a little bit of the Ramones in action and at their best, here's a little clip. 14 songs in 26 minutes! It doesn't get better than that!

And finally, here's a great way to get familiar with their songs - a classic collection of hits. If like me, you prefer to hear actual albums, you can't go wrong with their first or third. But this collection will get you started:

Thanks again to Monte, and I hope everyone enjoys this episode of So Important!


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