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So Important: MUSIC!

April 2, 2020

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And you'll get to all of the So Important episodes featuring our great conversations with (and about) musicians, authors of books related to musicians, and others related to music! it's a key theme for the podcast, and there's so much on the horizon...wanted to make it easy to find all of our episodes!

So follow this link and you'll find in one place...


Gary Graff on the musical industry today!

Lindsday Kanter on her Cantorial journey!

Jim Wilson on making - and collecting - records!

Jeannie Brand on her father, the great folk singer Oscar Brand!

Barrence Whitfield on his music!

Monte Melnick on the legacy of the Ramones!

Stacy Godfrey on the greatness of the band Genesis!

The Sweet Lizzie Project on their amazing music - and their journey!

Chris McKittrick on the Stones in New York!

Mike Edison on Why Charlie Watts matters!

Me, on the birth of the backbeat!

Steve Hackett, on his time with Genesis and his solo work!

And many more to come!