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Dr. Yolanda Willis (and Marty Willis) on SURVIVING THE HOLOCAUST IN GREECE

June 13, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to a very special - and very personally meaningful - episode of So Important: The Interview Podcast. This is the compelling, and in the end uplifting, story of Dr. Yolanda Avram Willis, who survived the Holocaust during World War II, in Greece. The story of the Holocaust in Greece is not as familiar as the story in other parts of Europe. But in fact, almost all of the Jewish population of that country was wiped out. This is the remarkable story of how Yolanda survived, thanks to the ingenuity of her father, and the many Christian Greeks who helped the family. 

I have known Yolanda for decades and I am so glad finally to have the chance to help tell her story. I am joined by her eldest son, Mr. Marty Willis, whom I have known since the 1960s; and because we were fortunate to have Yolanda visit my Temple in 2018 and tell her story, we are able to intersperse excerpts of her talk into the conversation.

Yolanda told her story in a 2017  book entitled A Hidden Child In Greece: Rescue in the Holocaust. It is available at AmazonBarnes and Noble, and other fine booksellers. It's a compelling read and highly recommended!

Thank you Yolanda for sharing your story, and thank you Marty for your great insights and for all your help in making this happen. And special shout out to Aaron Zitner, who recorded Yolanda's talk in 2018. 

See you soon and if you find the episode to be special, please give the show a rating and good review on Apple Music. Thanks! 

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