So Important: The Interview Podcast!


May 18, 2019

Tom Mirenda knows orchids. He is the Chairman of the American Orchid Society's Preservation Committee and he has traveled the world investigating, and talking about, the many species of orchids that inhabit our planet. Currently living in Hawaii - a great launching point for investigating the world's orchids - Tom has been a mainstay of the Orchid community for many, many years. He worked for over 15 years as the Orchid Collection Specialist at the Smithsonian Institution, and until recently was the leading Orchid authority at the Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Garden on the "Big Island," a locale notably lush with all manner of orchids. Tom writes extensively for Orchids magazine and other orchid-focused publications, and he has co-authored a book on orchids, entitled The Book of Orchids.

As I said, the man knows his orchids! 

Tom and I talked extensively about the beauty and attraction of the orchid, and the important work Tom is undertaking to help preserve orchids in light of climate change and other factors. It was a pleasure speaking with Tom. I learned a lot, and I hope you do as well!

In addition to the links provided above, you can keep up with Tom on his Facebook page and his book is widely available, including on Amazon. I hope you enjoy my chat with Tom - I certainly did!

Thank you Tom, and thank you everyone for listening!

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