So Important: The Interview Podcast!


March 2, 2019

Kat Murti is the founder and CIO of Feminists for Liberty, a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading the ideals of libertarian feminism. The organization's motto is "anti-sexism and anti-statism, pro-markets and pro-choice." Kat and I talked about the organization, its objectives, and about libertarian feminism - the organization's underlying philosophy.

As listeners know, we don't talk politics on this podcast, but policy is fair game, and Kat's perspective on a number of issues is worth hearing. I appreciate that Kat spent some time with me, and I hope you enjoy our conversation. 

Kat is a media presence. Check out the Feminists for Liberty Website, as well as the organization's Facebook page to learn more about Kat and her work. And you can follow the organization on Twitter

Hope you enjoy the episode, and thank you again, Kat!

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