So Important: The Interview Podcast!


March 17, 2019

I had the great pleasure of speaking with Dennis and PJ Aubrey about their wonderfully unique life's work - visiting the great Romanesque and Gothic churches of Europe, and brilliantly photographing and writing about - and now also podcasting about - their efforts. What started out as a hobby has turned into a spiritual adventure for the Aubreys, who have visited over 900 churches to date. What a treat it was to chat with Dennis and PJ. 

You owe it to yourself to check out their great work. Their photography is regularly exhibited worldwide, and their website - and in particular, their blog - provide wondrous excursions to a different time, where these churches were the centerpiece of rural and urban communities alike. The photographs on their social media sites, along with the carefully crafted accompanying text, and worth checking out - though you may find yourself unable to stop enjoying all that the sites have to offer.

The Aubrey's blog, entitled Via Lucis: Photography of Religious Architecture (or, the way of light), is an essential site to check out. The Via Lucis website is a great overview of the Aubrey's work; and while you're at it, check out Light and Stone, the new podcast! All take you to a different world, in the capable and caring hands of Dennis and PJ. 

And oh yes, there is indeed a Facebook page!

I hope everyone enjoys the podcast, and thank you again Dennis and PJ!

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