So Important: The Interview Podcast!


May 29, 2021

Greetings friends! We're rolling along...presenting our second episode since returning from a short break. And what a show it is! David Wilson is an IT consultant with the United States Agency for International Development, in Washington DC. But he is also a dedicated Revolutionary War reenactor, and that's what we talk about today. David gives us a presentation on revolutionary war reenactment, and in his presentation and our subsequent conversation, he shares his thoughts on the importance of this activity in helping us learn from, and appreciate the lessons of, this important part of history.

David is a member of the First Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line. He has thought deeply about revolutionary war reenactment as an integral method for helping us learn from history in an engaging and at the same time, entertaining way. It's a great listen, and I appreciate David spending some time with me.

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